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Access Control Systems

Yes, absolutely. In our software system, you have the ability to schedule when doors are locked and unlocked. You can adjust for holidays and weekends as needed as well. Our access control system also allows you to remote into the software on your mobile phone or PC to lock or unlock the doors whenever you need to.

Yes, our access control systems can identify each employee separately and control their access to specific doors at specific times. You can even remove their access remotely and instantly if they leave your organization.

Yes, we can install battery backup for your access control system that can be put in place. If the power goes down and you have a battery backup in place, all of your doors will still be secured.

Yes, your mobile device can act as a card or fob through bluetooth technology and can unlock a door when presented.

Yes, our access control system is expandable to meet your needs. We can install multiple buildings and allow you to control them from one central platform.

Security Camera Systems

Most surveillance cameras we install have an app for your phone and software system for your PC. It allows you to view every feed in the security camera system remotely.

Yes, we install a software system on your computer that will allow you to view multiple surveillance feeds from one location. From this security camera system, you can view any camera in your network either in real time or the recorded footage from your device of choice.

Yes, the two systems can communicate through a VMS (video management system) so that you can get a picture of someone swiping their access control card at any location in your network.

Yes, we do have several options available for security camera systems. Surveillance cameras can be fixed or motorized, wide or narrow lenses, high lux or low lux. Some surveillance cameras can even be installed with bullet proof or explosion resistant materials. The functionality depends on your business’ needs. We are happy to work with you and help you make the right selection with your security camera system.

We can customize the length of your surveillance camera recordings based on your hard drive space.

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